This is a super unique relay race where it’s up to YOU and your team to come up with a plan to get you to the finish line in the least amount of time while having the most amount of fun. The race format is OPEN, with UNRESTRICTED RACER EXCHANGES! Your team makes its own race strategy!

While someday we may be big and fancy enough to have a RACE BIBLE like that other gargantuan relay race everyone knows about, we’re going to keep it short and simple, and all on this one page.

Each team must have 5 runners.
A team with 5 men or 4 men and 1 woman is a men’s team.
A team with 5 women or 4 women and 1 man is a woman’s team.
A mixed team is either 3 men and 2 women or 2 women and 3 men; and we’ll not hear arguments about whether it’s fair for these two types of teams to compete against each other. This is just how it’s gonna be.
A team whose combined ages divided by 5 is 50 or more is a 50+ team. If combined age divided by 5 is 60 or more, it’s a 60+ team. If there are at least 5 teams in each age division, a prize will be awarded to the fastest team in each age division.

Each team must have 1 support vehicle; and it may not be an RV / Motorhome. We highly recommend a mini-van, 12-passenger van or 15-passenger van; but any vehicle will do since it’s “only” 50 miles and you presumably won’t be sleeping in your support vehicle.
The support vehicle must be driven at all times by a licensed/insured driver.
The support vehicle must be driven at all times in accordance with the law. Any traffic violation will result in a time penalty or a ticket or both.
Team name or number (depending on what we decide about names vs numbers) must be displayed on rear and driver side of support vehicle. Team names must be declared in advance and approved by Race Directors. Signs displayed on support vehicles must not include inappropriate/offensive graphic design or language.
Support vehicles may not follow or shadow runners on the road but must provide leap-frog support. Vehicles must park safely off the road with all 4 tires off the roadway.

There will be three or four time stations along the course where a runner or crew must check in. Time stations are NOT relay transition points; but are there for fun and to provide time splits along the route. If any member of a team is given a time penalty for illegal driving or other infraction, the team must stop at the next Time Station to serve the penalty.

Only 1 runner at a time may be on course, except for during transitions when the incoming runner and the continuing runner may do a hand-off their choosing, be it a high-5, a butt spank, or ??? Absolutely NO PACING.
Exception: During the last mile of the race route, all Team members may be on course and cross the finish line together.
Runners must run facing traffic, on the left side of the road; which requires crossing the road to make transitions with your support vehicle. Each runner is responsible for safe crossing, but PLEASE look both ways and proceed with caution.
Runners (or crew) must not wear clothing that’s in poor taste with respect to style, brevity or inappropriate/offensive graphic design or language. Runners (or crew) may not be naked outside of their support vehicle for any reason without coverings or curtains. Please use discretion when urinating outside. (Yes, we really did have to write that.)
Each runner may complete as many or as few miles as the Team decides. However, each team member must complete at least ONE mile of the race.
Each Team must complete every inch of the route on foot. Navigation is the responsibility of the Team (but since there’s only ONE turn on the route, we honestly can’t imagine anyone getting lost).

Run, walk, skip, hop, dance or crawl to the finish line… You have 10 hours to complete the course. Any Team crossing the line later will be listed as UnOfficial.