Valley of Fire Registration

Entry fees are non-refundable. However, if you must withdraw from a race (due to an emergency or other unforeseen circumstances) please see our Cancellations and Transfers page.

Thank you in advance for not waiting until the last minute to sign up. T-shirts and medals must be ordered at least a month in advance. We will not order more than what is needed as of that day, as we’d rather donate more money to our charities than get stuck with extra inventory. If you sign up late and don’t get a shirt or medal, please consider that a donation. Also, the Valley of Fire is a very remote location and there’s no place nearby to get more food or water if a ton of folks show up at the last minute. We simply can’t guess as to how many will sign up race day.

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If an act of God/Terrorism/Community Disaster/Governmental Shutdown or other unforeseen act of Bureaucracy occurs, preventing the event from happening, what actions are taken?
1. The event will be cancelled and participants notified as quickly as possible.
2. Affected participants will have first right to sign up for that event next year.
3. If the event is permanently cancelled, entry fees will be transferred to another event of the participant’s choice.
4. Depending on the particular situation, refunds may be issued; but are not promised.
5. Financial: Planet Ultra cannot accept the risk of a disaster for everyone. Each participant must accept the risk of losing his or her entry fee or other incidental expenses related to participating in the event. There will be NO REFUNDS or free entries to other future rides. Entry fees are spent in advance to prepare for the event.

• Planet Ultra reserves the right to cancel an event for any reason. If an event is cancelled for reasons other than a disaster/act of god/terrorism/bureaucracy, Planet Ultra may refund entry fees, or provide a voucher to each registered participant.

Online registration will open in April 2015. You may race Saturday by downloading and filling out this form and bringing it with you to racer check-in along with your entry fee in cash only. We’re unable to accept checks or credit cards for late entires.